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09017 Faja de Hombre, tres niveles de broche, Control de Abdomen y corrector de Postura

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Abdominal girdle with a three position clasp to fit your desired size. Provides high compression to the abdomen and back, maintaining proper posture to avoid back pain.

Ref #11017

  • Fajas Dis. D'Prada is the most recognized brand for post-surgical recovery, due to its comfort, quality and durability of materials and designs, which are the most appreciated features or attributes.
  • Provides comfort and safety because it offers abdomen control and helps correct the posture.
  • Provides control and reduction on abdomen and support on the back.
  • Three levels of clasps with gradual compression that reduces and controls the abdomen.
  • Its smooth stitches prevent it to be noticed below the external clothing.
  • People that usually suffer from back pain due to their job could benefit with lumbar girdles.
  • Benefits the lumbar region, relieving and preventing luxation and back pain.
  • Offers support on back that improves your posture
  • Abdominal reinforcement with high compression enabling firm control.
  • Use it as a diet complement or an exercise routine to reduce the abdomen.
  • With the latest technology in control garments, Beauty Weavings of Lycra® is a new development designed for men and women who like to look and feel good
  • Fabrics with VIVELTEX, set of components (sea algae, Gingko Biloba, Cosmacol EMI and Vitamin E), that help hydrate, tone up and nurture the skin